Have you read about Topanga’s husband finding shrimp tails, dental floss and who knows what else in his box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch? Apparently someone finding something like that in their box of cereal isn’t weird enough but just to add to the WTF is the fun, but not related fact, that the guy is married to everyone’s crush from ‘Boy Meets World’ Topanga, Danielle Fishel.  Jensen Sharp (I’m going to refer to him as Topanga’s husband from now on) found something very interesting in his morning bowl of cereal on Monday.  As he poured himself a bowl of that cinnamon toast goodness he realized he was getting more than he bargained for.  Two little shrimp tails were found amongst the cinnamon toast crunch squares.  He tweeted the cereal company to let them know what he found and that “(This is not a bit)”…. Apparently he wanted them to know he wasn’t making a joke.  The company and Topanga’s husband went back and forth with the company telling him that what he found was not shrimp tails but basically a compacted mass of cinnamon that can sometime happen when the ingredients don’t mix properly…..to which he said….um nah son….them’s is shrimp tails.  He also found some string and dental floss in the other bags of cereal that were in the family pack he bought.  Not just that but there seemed to be a cinnamon covered pea or something and what looks like maggots cooked into the squares or possible droppings!!! He said that basically he thinks perhaps there was some contamination by way of rats, as in they somehow made their nest in the product at some stage of production.  Either way he’s planning to send some samples of the not-cereal to the company and to a lab for DNA testing to confirm that yes, it is in fact shrimp.  I love it.  Big companies like that are always trying to skirt liability by making up dumb excused for why something weird ends up in their cereal when really all they have to do is be honest, like yes, we know this product is on an assembly line in a huge warehouse and although 99.99 % of the time you can guarantee your product is shrimp free that doesn’t mean every now and then shrimp happens man.  In 2016 a British teen found a dead bat in a box of Rice Crispies, in 2009 a lady from Wisconsin found one of the indestructible Nokia cells phones in her chip bag, and I’ve read more than a few accounts of frogs being found in frozen bags of veggies, leafy greens, pasta and even a can of Pepsi that was found to have a slimy never to be frog prince swimming around in it.

There have been some pretty funny plays on the whole shrimp in the cereal thing so feel free to surf the interwebs for a laugh at the expense of huge company that probably feels pretty dumb right about now.  The craziest thing I’ve ever found in a box of cereal was an extra prize!

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