I've tried to find an accurate list for movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but as I'm not an expert on much of anything aside from maybe Amazon shopping all I can do is sift through what's available online. This list is one I found that starts in 2007 and I really don't know how accurate it is so if you know the true order PLEASE let me know and I'll update this list and credit your version.  Comiccons.com is where I found this list, the full post can be seen through the link above.

3. Ironman 5/2008

5.  The Incredible Hulk 6/2008

4. Ironman 2 7/2010

6. Thor 6/2011

1. Captain America The First Avenger 7/2011

7. Marvel's The Avengers 5/2012

8. Ironman 3 5/2013

9. Thor The Dark World 11/2013

10. Captain America The Winter Soldier 4/2014

11. Guardians of the Galaxy 8/2014

13. Avengers Age of Ultron 5/2015

14. Antman 7/2015

15. Captain America Civil War 5/2016

17. Doctor Strange 11/2016

12. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 5/2017

16. Spiderman Home Coming 7/2017

19. Thor Ragnarok 11/2017

18. Black Panther 2/2018

20. The Avengers Infinity War 4/2018

21. Antman and the Wasp 7/2018

2. Captain Marvel 3/2019

22. The Avengers Endgame 4/2019

There are some that I've read are in the makes and like I said this list may not be right so let me know if you have an accurate one.

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