For those of you who may not know, I’m a huge true crime enthusiast.  I watch all the shows, listen to all the podcasts and read all the books.  I became extremely obsessed with local unsolved homicides and missing persons cases years and years ago.  I looked up all the information on all the cases, I’ve requested case files, done genealogy research and read through more old newspaper articles than I can remember.  I’ve also written  a number of blogs on local cases throughout the years.  Honestly, it’s not that I’m a true crime fan, it’s that I’m an avid advocate for justice.  People who are lost deserve to be found and people who commit crimes deserve to answer for them.  Today I read that a Midland detective has just solved a case from 2007, one of my cases…I call them my cases because I have files on them and at one time or another I’ve been down a lengthy research rabbit hole on each one.  This one however has to be the lightest folder in the group.  On September 12th, 2007 on Whitmire Blvd in Midland, a 27 year old man named Loren Dustin Davidson was riding his motorcycle when two men in a gray Chevy pickup crashed into Davidson.  The men in the truck asked how Dustin was doing then fled and left Dustin to die.  Dustin was engaged to be married and left behind a very young daughter.  The only clues from the scene that could possibly help in solving the case was a partial license plate number and an eyewitness who said there were two white males in the truck.  Raymond Dale Click, 41, has just been identified as the driver of the truck in that crash.  Midland detective, Officer Haveman, reviewed the case and followed a Crime Stoppers tip that led him to question a man being held at the Middelton Unit near Abilene.  Click eventually confessed to being the driver in the crash and will be turned over to the District Attorney’s Office.  Guess who used to work here with me at the radio station?  Raymond Dale Click.  That’s right, and if memory serves he was working at the station at the time of the crash.  I didn’t know Dale.  We worked together but he always made me feel uneasy so I made it a point to keep my distance.  I remember hearing that he caused problems fairly often while he was working in the sales department.   I’m just glad that Dustin’s family finally has hope for justice.

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