One thing I firmly believe in, is local music. Especially here in the Basin, we don't show enough love for our local scene. For some reason it's even considered cool to bash anything that comes from here by our own natives. Take pride Permian Basin.

You may think it's boring here but for one, maybe it used to be but now that's not the case. You just don't know where to look for a good time. It's like the old phrase says, "If you're bored then you're boring." For two, lets say people who claim our area is boring are right. Boredom ridden areas have spawned some of the greatest bands in history.

Get out. Support local music and business. You won't be disappointed. Broken Jaw Philosophy is one of my personal favs but there are a ton of talented bands here. Crafting the Conspiracy is mind blowingly good. Nightmare Canvas, Violent Vendetta, Doomy Blues....all great bands. I'm only stopping there because I could literally name off good local bands all day. My point is, get out there to local venues and have some fun.

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