Growing up, I distinctly remember running around the house doing what little girl's do. Helping mom in the kitchen, heading outside to hit up the neighborhood kids and see who wanted to come out and play, then heading back home again when I was tired or hungry. My mom would be finishing up a meal and would tell me to go outside and tell my dad the food was ready. 

I did as I was told and would find my dad doing some yardwork, washing his truck or working in his shed. But he ALWAYS had his music playing no matter what he was doing. Dad had a little jambox playing all of his favorite tunes, which included Vicente Fernandez.

If you grew up in a Mexican household you knew who Vicente was. He was a Mexican singer who could make you feel all the things even if you didn't understand the words he was singing!

You were probably introduced to his music as a young child. On road trips or rancheras blaring while mom is rolling out tortillas. That is exactly how it was in my household and I truly did not appreciate his music until I was much older.

Well over the weekend, we heard the news. Vicente Fernandez had passed. He was 'El Rey de la Musica Ranchera' and the soundtrack to my childhood and he was gone. A Mexican hero and legend who gave us the best movies and great music. Many celebrities hit up social media to share their memories, including our rey right here in Texas, King George. Apparently these two knew each other and had forged a friendship of mutual respect, these are the words (via Twitter) that George Strait said about 'Chente':

One of my heroes. May he Rest In Peace and may God bless and comfort his family. Hasta la Cruz Chente!!

The king of country paying his respects to the king of rancheras and furthermore, this video began circulating again. I had no idea it even existed. A Texas legend singing Vicente Fernandez's song El Rey, in ESPANOL!

It's the accompanying mariachi's for me. This was literally my first time ever to watch this video and I had to share for anyone who may not have seen it either. Descansa en paz Chente.

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