Buddy Guy enlisted the talents of Keith Richards and Jeff Beck for his new album, and you can hear the resulting track, “Cognac,” below.

In a song that celebrates a drinking session, while regretting that the late Muddy Waters can’t be there, Guy recounts: “Can’t drink with me no more, Muddy, but I got Keith Richards,” who takes a solo, before Guy says: “How about you, Beck? Come in here now,” and the second guest takes his turn.

His new LP The Blues is Alive and Well is set for release on June 15, and also features Richards’ Rolling Stones bandmate Mick Jagger on “You Did the Crime.” Guy first met the Stones in 1964, and in 2015 he paid them tribute by calling them “the greatest rock & roll band I’d ever play with,” adding: “Nobody matches that sound the the Rolling Stones get. Playing with them is like playing with a machine. When they came to America, they recognized some of the greatest musicians that I had admired – Ike and Tina Turner, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf – and let America know who we were. They let white America know what the blues is. We owe those guys all the thanks in the world."

Buddy Guy – The Blues Is Alive and Well Track List

1. "A Few Good Years"
2. "Guilty As Charged"
3. "Cognac" (featuring Jeff Beck & Keith Richards)
4. "The Blues Is Alive And Well"
5. "Bad Day"
6. "Blue No More" (featuring James Bay)
7. "Whiskey For Sale"
8. "You Did The Crime" (featuring Mick Jagger)
9. "Old Fashioned"
10. "When My Day Comes"
11. "Nine Below Zero"
12. "Ooh Daddy"
13. "Somebody Up There"
14. "End Of The Line"

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