A theater meant to show the kid-friendly Detective Pikachu movie but somehow horrifying (and hilariously) showed La Llorona instead. Detective Pikachu was one of the new movies in theaters this weekend and lots of children were excited to see the Pokemon flick. A non-child but just as excited moviegoer was ScreenRant's Ryan George who went to a theater in Quebec and got settled in to view the new semi-live action film.

Things started getting weird when the first trailer was on the screen and it was for the movie "Annabelle Comes Home," which caused some of the kids to start crying. From there, the "Joker" trailer played and people began wondering what was going on there and when the Chucky trailer began playing people in the theater knew something was wrong. Still, no one in the projection room thought that something was wrong and the movie started..........WHICH ENDED UP BEING THE HORROR FLICK LA LLORONA.

No joke. Ryan George even began recording the film to show what was happening inside the theater. Plenty of children crying happened, and the theater finally noticed the issue when they shut off the movie, but not until several children were thoroughly traumatized. The room of theater-goers ended up being switched to another theater where Detective Pikachu was paused on the screen. Check out Ryan George's Twitter thread below to see the videos from inside the theater.

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