Ten hidden Nintendo Switch features you may or may not know about:

10. Find out game stats (if you set up your Nintendo account)

9. Screen shot button-most people know it's the square button on the bottom left joy-con

8. Enable dark mode-you can dim your screen if staring at a bright 4k display of violence takes a toll on your eyes by going to your home screen-system settings-themes-then switch from basic white to basic black

7. Joy-Con works like a WII remote- certain games will let you use the joy-con like a WII remote. You'll just have to calibrate the joy-con by setting it down on a flat surface before you point it and a cursor will pop up and give you monitor controls

6. Browse the web-just connect to the WiFi in system settings

5. Make a MII-in your system settings go down to the "Mii" panel out of your side screen options

4. Turn on your TV- system settings-TV settings-match TV power state

3. Search for your controller-just go to the controllers screen from the home page and click "find controller"

2. An easy way to check your battery-if you hold down the home button while playing a game a little screen will pop up telling you the important stats, like battery life.

1. Certain buttons make funny sounds-To wake up your Switch, it will instruct you to hit any button three times in succession. Most people just hit the usual A or B buttons but you can actually toggle the ZL and ZR triggers in addition to the control sticks.

I found these here in case you wanna check it the original article.

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