A city ordinance that would, among other things, discourage abortion clinics from opening in the city will be voted on by the Big Spring city council a second time on January 28th.  The ACLU has taken notice in a big way and are none too pleased. The ordinance does not make exceptions for rape or incest and would immediately allow "any surviving relative of the aborted unborn child" to sue a person in civil court for performing an abortion within the towns they are where they were passed. In some towns, a person could also be sued for transporting a woman to an abortion clinic or helping pay for the procedure. Local officials say that the language in the ordinance is mostly symbolic and would be difficult to enforce....what the hell? I'm not sure I even understand what the ordinance actually does since abortion has been legal since 1973. Sounds to me like the ordinances are intentionally confusing, leading people to believe, falsely that abortion is illegal. Could it be an attempt to intimidate women seeking an abortion with the hard to understand wording used in the ordinance? I honestly don't know...because I don't understand anything about the ordinance to begin with. So is there anyone out there who knows what this is all about and what the repercussions of passing this ordinance would be?

I only found a little information regarding the situation, here's one of the articles on the CBS7 website and another here.

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