I come to you today with a heavy heart to notify everyone that comedy icon Terry Jones has died at age 77 after his battle with dementia.

Being a self proclaimed "class clown" myself, this really hits hard for me. Monty Python was one of the first group of guys who really caught my attention as a kid. My grandpa introduced me to the British comedy dream team when I was really young and living with him and my grandma. Grammy HATED Monty Python so grandpa and I only got to watch it on Wednesdays when she would go to church choir practice. You'll still catch me stealing a line or two from their classic skits from time to time. I think my favorite Python skit would have to be the one where the guy is at the pet shop and they're trying to sell him a dead bird lol! "This bird is no more...it has ceased to be." While most people swear that The Holy Grail is their greatest movie, I have to firmly disagree. The Meaning of Life was by far my favorite.

Thank you Terry for the great memories and the side splitting laughs. You will be missed.

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