This lovely young lady is named Prissy. She's a what I'm told is a dog of some sort. Also, they held a gun to her head and told me that if I don't get her adopted by the end of the day, they were going to off her and her entire family....I kid I kid.

Prissy is a energetic girl and loves to run around and explore. The entire time she was here I didn't hear her bark once and she seemed to be very comfortable with everyone who picked her up. I know in this picture it looks like she's saying "Get your hand off my paw, you'll make it dirty", and that's because that's exactly what she was thinking. In her defense, I totally will.

You can adopt Prissy and other dogs like her at Petsmart in Midland. So go do that. Adopt all the dogs and maybe even a few cats while you're there.

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