Parks have definitely improved in this area since I was a kid. I think the greatest tragedy of that, is the fact that kids back then would have appreciated them and played in them a lot more. Kids now just don't get locked out of their own house anymore just because they got on their moms last nerve and she decided 107 degrees of west Texas sun equaled a great day. They just got done redoing Denis the Menace Park and it looks pretty awesome. I would have lost my mind if I looked out the car window and saw that while my mom was driving.

My question to you is...What is the best park or pool in the Permian Basin? I grew up in Odessa and Midland. When I was a kid, Marc Park and Denis the Menace were the kings of Midland....or for my brother and me in the summer, Ulmer Park when it had a pool. Our dumb asses would walk 8 blocks barefoot in the dead of summer running to the shade because it was 100+ degrees and we were afraid our shoes might get stolen if we took our defense, they did once lol. For Odessa, Sherwood was hands down the best park back in the day. If they ever tear down that octopus I might write a congressman and pitch a fit.

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