So not being from this great state of Texas I am doing some interesting research on some of the lesser known facts about the state I live and work in.

I am surprised how many amazingly silly facts there are about the state of Texas and here are a few.

1. The Republic of Texas had its own embassy-like building in London. When it joined the rest of the United States in 1845, the officials skipped town without paying their rent.

2. Lake Jackson, TX has streets named This Way, That Way, Any Way, Circle Way, Parking Way, Winding Way, His Way, and Which Way.

3. There is a small town outside Fort Worth, TX named White Settlement. In 2005, a record number of voters turned out to oppose changing the name to something less racist-sounding and then proceeded to call for the mayor’s resignation for even proposing the change.

4. Lubbock, Texas has been ranked as the most boring city in the United States (100,000 inhabitants or more), partially due to its poor art, food and music scenes.

5. Until 1974, it was legal in Texas for a man to kill his wife’s lover if he found them in bed together.

Hopefully I discovered a few that you may not have known and if you know of a few let me know