If you love hot sauce and all things spicy, we have found a great road trip stop in Houston, Texas.

I have a confession: I am addicted to Cholula Hot Sauce. I can put it on practically ANYTHING. ADORE it. Love Tabasco Sauce, too. Really most spicy things are a "yes," for me. Well, to a point. I still haven't tried that "ghost pepper" people brag about having consumed. I mean, we all have to draw a line somewhere, I guess.

Hey, If you also adore hot sauce and all things spicy, plan a road trip down to Houston, Texas, and visit iBurn ASAP.

No, I've never been sad. However, I will also be making a sojourn in this direction as soon as I'm able to do so.

IBurn has been open since 2012, when you visit you'll find an incredible variety of hot sauces PLUS a ton of other super spicy products including gummi bears, salsas, bacon, BBQ sauces, and more.

However, before you get in the car and head down to the location they'd had for years, do know they've moved to a new location for all things spicy at 9637 Hillcroft in Houston, TX.

Here's a video explaining the change: 

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At one time, "Hot Sauce Boss" James had over 500 different kinds of hot sauce, many of which would make you miss your mama. As he mentioned in the video, their new space will be a bit smaller so the number of items may be fewer, but the quality of selection will be better than ever.

Here's another video showing some visitors sampling some of the spicy offerings--LOL:

Hmm, I'm feeling curious and brave. Brave enough to try this "Satan's Toe" lollipop? Meh, maybe not. But, we shall see. ;)

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