"Records are meant to be broken... unless they belong to Texas. In that case, HANDS OFF!"

Oh.. that's not how the saying goes? Well that's how I'M gonna start saying it! Here are 10 bizarre world records broken in Texas, BY Texans.

World's Tallest Jackass... What? I'm talking about a donkey: You think I'm joking? Meet the 5'8 gentle donkey named Romulus. Romulus stands at over 68 inches tall belonging to Phil & Cara Yellott, originally they stayed in Waxahachie, TX, but now they've moved to Adrian, TX. You can see Romulus & his brother Remus (who is also HUGE) below.

World's Largest Working Fire Hydrant:

Google Maps
Google Maps

If you travel to the Fire Museum of Texas in Beaumont, TX, you can see a giant Dalmatian spotted fire hydrant that stands over 24 feet tall. This giant fire hydrant can shoot over 1,500 gallons of water a MINUTE. Now that photo doesn't fully show just how big it is; so I've included a video of someone getting up close so you can see just how giant it is.

World's Largest Videogame Collection: How big is your video game collection? A couple dozen games? Maybe a few hundred? Antonio Montiero in Richmond, TX has everyone beat... over 20,000 video games & over 139 consoles! That's the record of the largest videogame collection, which he earned back in 2019. So you KNOW that number is even higher NOW. You can see Antonio show off his IMPRESSIVE collection below. (I'm sure his house is THE house to go to for video game parties)

Most People Dressed As Turkeys: Over 600 runners (661 to be precise) dressed up as turkeys during the 44th Annual YMCA "Turkey Trot" in Dallas back in 2011. Over 36,000 people attended that race & that alone became a record of the number of attendees at the time. In case you're wondering... yes there IS video of the race. No there was no giant thanksgiving dinner afterwards.

Largest Shaving Cream Pie Fight: Staying in Dallas for this next record, if you ever wanted to throw a pie in someone's face, so did the people in front of the AT&T Center in 2012. 714 brave warriors gathered in their finest raincoats & prepared for battle in what would be the world's largest shaving cream pie fight in history. Everyone who was there emerged victorious, especially the ones who got to throw in the faces of all the CLOWNS.

World's Longest Skewer: Here's one to make you hungry, Leon Ekery's family made a giant 28 foot, 7 inches lamb kebab, June 1st, 2011. Which Texas city did they represent? The Sun City, El Paso. It's unsure just how many more kebabs Leon & his family have made after beating the record, but he's currently the owner of the Dyer Auto Salvage yard.

There's no video of the event, however the Guinness World Records posted about it on Facebook, so that makes It official.

World's Longest Guitar Solo: We love a good guitar solo; but how's a 24 hour guitar solo sound? Well Austin's David DiDonato broke the World's Longest Guitar Solo in 2012 at the Red 7 in Austin. Exactly how many notes there were, that's uncertain but so far he's the only one who did a solo for a WHOLE DAY.

There's no video of him breaking the record, but there IS video of him shredding.

World's Largest...Implants: Houston's Sheyla Hershey broke the record of the world's largest....implants in 2009. After receiving 9 different operations, to get her breasts up to a whopping 38MMM size. However, this record would nearly KILL her. So in the following years, she had to remove her implants for health reasons. However she still loves to have her huge...assets. In fact you might have seen her on My Strange Addiction.

Largest Gingerbread House: Who says you need to make gingerbread houses only around Christmas time? Not the Traditions Club in Bryan, Texas. They made the world's largest gingerbread house; 60 ft long, 42 ft wide & 10 ft tall (that's a LOT of butter & sugar).

It was created with good intention. Visitors were able to meet good ol' St Nick for a donation to the St Judes Hospital. That's the true meaning of Christmas: giving to those in need while also basking in the beauty of a giant gingerbread house.

Largest Pecan Pie: May 22nd, 1999, our very own El Paso Diablos Baseball Club made an 18 ton pecan pie, over 41,000 POUNDS. Thankfully there IS a Tweet that shows the pie in all it's majesty:


We'll see how many more records get broken in Texas (and El Paso) in the future!

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