My heart hurts just a little bit. There are very few people in the rock community I respect less than Courtney Love. I mean Chad Kroeger is pretty high up on that list but that's not a personal thing. It's just that I REALLY hate Nickelback. Like soooooo Much. With Courtney Love it's just so many levels of disdain. I feel like I caught something just thinkng about her name. As a matter of fact, I'm gonna run a virus scan on my computer immediately after writing this. I look at her and my skin crawls. She's like the Cruella DeVille of music. Seeing how stupid and attention hungry she acted on the Pamela Anderson Roast made me want to throw a brick at her head. She's just an all around pathetic and disgusting human being.

With that off my chest lol, SHE'S WORTH $150 MILLION DOLLARS according to Google. Are you kidding me right now?



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