(The picture above isnt specifically of the medicine I'm taking just to be clear.)

According to an article on the CBS7 website  the last week of December into January 1st Midland Memorial Hospital reported having seen 450 individuals in the emergency room and over half of them tested positive for influenza. Flu season this year is pretty bad. So when I started feeling bad a few days ago I was pissed but I wasn't surprised. I thought I could just ride it out but the night before last I was in a bad way and remember there were two left over bottles of tamiflu from all the various times either myself of my son has been sick. I decided I didn't care if they were out of date or not, if there was a chance they could help me kick this thing quick I was gonna try my luck. So I took some that night and then again last night. Not long after I took a dose last night while we were watching TV I started seeing someone out of the corner of my eye but when I looked there was nothing there. After a few times of this happening I got the thought to look up the side effects of tamiflu. There it was right after the normal stuff like dizziness, nausea....delirium, hallucinations, behavior problems, confusion, puffy face...alrighty then... Honestly I don't mind the hallucinations. I mean it sucks to be sick so if the medicine they give you to get better comes with a frew trip I'm fine with that. You can find all the side effects of Tamiflu and some other helpful information here on the WebMD website. They say the rare side effects are most common in children and I'm on the intellectual level of a child so it makes sense. The Texas Health and Human Services website has a sweet flu tracker map you should check out that's pretty damn real time accurate. Flu type A and B are what Midland county is seeing the most of and for those of you who don't know those are the worst kind. It's starting to look like a flu pandemic so let's not make it any worse.

If you're sick stay home, if you're kids are sick keep them home- and everyone needs to go to the doctor to get checked and go ahead and get a flu shot!

Keep antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer close so you can prevent the spread of the ick. Make sure you and your kids know to cover their mouth when they cough and sneeze and to wash their hands often.

Spread prevention is so important when it comes to the flu.

By the way I'd rather jump on a trampoline with the bubble guts than take the test they give you in the doctor's office for the flu. My eyes are still watering and I think I'd better send that nurse over some flowers for punching her in the boob. No flu thankfully.  The doctor says he "thinks" I have an upper respiratory infection but I'm not sure how good I feel about the non-definitive diagnosis. He did tell me to stop taking the tamiflu so no more hallucinations for this rock chick.

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