I don't like football. In fact I don't really care for any sports and especially not enough to watch them on TV. I never have and it's likely I never will. I've said this and expressed this more times than I can remember but Doc seems to think he's found a sport that I could get into. I guess he's not factoring in the part where I don't have an interest in finding a sport to get into but he means well. He's been telling me how excited he us about something called the XFL. It's an alternative to the NFL that's suppose to be more exciting. There are only eight teams compared to the thirty something in the NFL. I don't know all the info but you can find the full schedule and other information regarding the difference in rules and such here. What I do know is that the new league means a longer football watching season which means Doc will be spending more time in the garage yelling at a TV and I'll have more time watching my murder porn with surround sound.

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