It's interesting how Tiger Woods went from hero, to villain, back to hero again. It wasn't that long ago he wasn't well liked because he was a cheater. And the way he controlled the media around him, came off a bit douchy.

But here we are, 3 back surgeries and multiple other injuries later, and suddenly he was the sympathetic underdog. Which is why you had so many cheers for him at this past Masters.I

In fact, people weren't just cheering Tiger on, they were actively rooting against his competition on the course, which is unheard of in golf. At one point, Francesco Molinari put a shot in the water and the crowd cheered.

Well, there was one guy who was cheering a lot more than others. Trey Little in Dallas made a deal with his pregnant fiancee. If Tiger wins the Masters this year, they'd name their son Tiger. Just how serious were they about this? They signed a contract. Trey said:

"We both wanted a unique name, and I've always been a huge golf fan."

His fiancee, Denise, is due in September.

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