On this week's episode of The After Buzz:

  • I went to a Locomotive FC game and it was awesome! I highly recommend heading to one if you are in El Paso.
  • The Tampa Bay Lightning get swept out of the playoffs. The first team to lead the regular season in points and not get a win in the playoffs.
  • I'm leaning towards rooting for the Capitals because Alex Ovechkin is slowly becoming my hero.
  • In the NBA, the Blazers aren't going to get swept because they've actually won a couple of home games against the Oklahoma City Thunder. I am still waiting for this team to disappoint me though.
  • I have two. Yes, TWO box of porn stories.
  • I very briefly touch on Game of Thrones, because it bugs me how people say Daenerys. Most people **cough cough** Buzz **cough cough** for some reason add an extra syllable to the name. Pronouncing it like dah-nair-ee-us. It is NOT 4 syllables.
  • I also get into some more concert fails and tease some stories for next week.

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