It's happening. The robots are to the point of creating their own sports. After analyzing the data of 400 existing sports, computers spit out a game that's a combination of rugby, ultimate frisbee, soccer, and maybe even a little Quidditch. It's called Speedgate. Here are the rules.

  1. Each team is comprised of 6 players.
  2. You use a rugby ball.
  3. When you possess the ball, you can't move, like in ultimate frisbee.
  4. The field is 180 feet long. Exactly half of a football field, if you include the end zones.
  5. There are goals on each end called "gates."
    1. Each gate consists of two poles sticking out of the ground.
    2. You score by kicking the ball through the gates from the front or the back.
  6. BUT, before you can score on those gates, you have to kick the ball through a gate that's in the middle of the field. Doing that unlocks the scoring.
  7. A standard goal is worth 2 points.
  8. If a teammate catches the original kick, and kicks it back through the gate, the goal is worth 3 points.
  9. Each game consists of three 7 minutes periods.

The AI that created the game even came up with its own logo and crappy motto. "Face the ball to be the ball to be above the ball." You can check out the logo and the full website HERE.

And yes, there is even an intramural league in the works, which of course is in Oregon.

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