Paul Morigi/ Getty Images
Photo By Paul Morigi / Getty Images

Just a few more days, according to the girl scouts website, till girl scout cookie season! I know for some that means stocking up on thin mints, peanut butter patties and other assorted beloved girl scout favorites. Not me though. I've never liked any of the cookies I myself had to peddle door to door in my younger days. This year the organization is unveiling updated packages and a new cookie. The 'Lemon-Ups', new this year are just the same as 'Lemonades' with the tangy taste of lemon on wafer. The only difference is that 'Lemon-Ups' have various uplifting messages on them.

If you're waiting and wondering when and where you can grab some up before girl scout season is over you can check right here on the Girl Scouts website to find out where they're being sold near you.

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