It's been almost four days without water for some Odessans. Apparently the Ector County Utility District has been experiencing a major water leak that was noticed around 6:50 a.m. on Monday.



According to the president of ECUD, Tommy Irvin, the leak is affecting areas around west loop 338, just South of Kermit Highway. A temporary line has been established for limited use but should be used for household and domestic use only.


Residents are encouraged to limit thier water use until the main water line is fixed. Water used for washing hands/face, brushing teeth, drinking ect, should be brought to a rigorous boil and allowed to cool before use.

According to Ector County Utilities District Board President Tommy Ervin has said "It's a pipe issue," the pipes being referred to were put in place in 1977 and had about a 40-year life expectancy which means they were ready for replacement 3 years ago. The wait on equipment in addition to other various delays have been the main hold up in getting things back up and running like normal. ECUD is saying that water will be restored by Saturday.

Photo courtesy of Rachele Ripp @newswest9

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