As often as KFC comes out with branded products you would think they'd already joined the fast food merchandising frenzy but nope...still just releasing limit edition candles and sunscreens n such. No worries, there are plenty of weird food branded products you can buy to advertise how much you love trans fat and instant diarrhea (I.E. Taco Bell). Moving right along here are the top 5 fast food merch stores.

Whataburger has the Whatastore selling things like socks and hat and scarf sets...

Whataburger hat and scarf set

Scoot on over to the Taco Bell Taco Shop for thin hot new sauce blanket

Taco Bell Taco Shop sauce blanket

Everybody already knows about Ramen swag. You can find all kinds of super fan garb at the Nissin Fan Store

Take a Ramen nap on this plush Top Ramen pillow

Chic-fil-a is killing it with all the cute with this lil nugget toddler top over at the CFA apparel shop

Chic-fil-a little nugget toddler top

And the newly opened Golden Arches Unlimited


McDonald's burger bag