We just got a new Ring camera at our house, and I have to say that this app alone makes it worth it 100 fold. It's basically just a virtual neighborhood watch where you can upload videos taken by your ring cam, and it goes out to all the other houses with Ring cams within about a 5 mile radius. You can also post things like lost dog notices. It really is a cool app that brings the people in your neighborhood together.

Now this was just uploaded this morning. I don't know what this guy was thinking, but he looks straight at the camera, with a crystal clear view of his face and says, "If you call the cops, I'm gonna kill you." I guess he didn't realize these things are motion activated and pick up clear audio, but his voice and his face are clear as day. This is Texas dude. Easily one of the worst places to go breaking into stuff and making threats like that. I'd say lets catch this criminal, but really you're probably saving this guys life by getting him off the streets. Here's a link to the video. https://neighbors.ring.com/n/oOoXQ

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