If you're watching WWE's Smackdown, safe to say you've seen the menacing figure of Rowan. He's also known in the metal community for repping metal tees on air. Doesn't matter what type of wrestling you like, the WWE has plenty to choose from. Whenever I've seen the wrestlers outside of their in-ring gear, it's always pretty cool when one of my favorite wrestlers is also rocking one of my favorite band tees (talking to you Bray Wyatt in the AIC t-shirt!). So when WWE's Rowan started showing up at tv rocking some awesome metal band's merch, I was super stoked on it. I almost started screaming when we both had the same Amon Amarth t-shirt on. He was in the ring, I was sitting in my living room with no pants on. Slightly different.

Now, Metal Injection scored this awesome interview with the ginger giant for their podcast "Squared Circle Pit." In the episode, Rowan talks about his favorite metal bands and styles, his metal-style tattoos and how he ended up being the 6th metal Viking for Amon Amarth in their new music video. Let's be honest, he basically looks like one of their long lost brothers. Check out the awesome interview below and check out more of Metal Injection's great podcast at their site. If I could put a request into them, I think Bray Wyatt would be awesome! You can also see Rowan in Amon Amarth's trilogy below.