I love Disney movies and I can watch almost all of them anytime but there are only a handful that I can watch over and over and over. The following is a list of Animated Disney movies I can watch and sing along with over and over.

Beauty and the Beast- This has to be the Disney movie with the most memorable songs, in fact every single song in this movie is a hit.

Aladdin- Honestly Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and the next movie on the list are a pretty close tie for having the most memorable songs.

The Little Mermaid- If you know one song from this movie you know them all.

The Jungle Book- I may not know every single word to every song in this movie but if it's on I'll watch it anytime.

Lion King- I love the Lion King and yes, it's yet another animal Disney movie that I know all the words to not just the songs but the entire movie.

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