There’s a certain portrayal of Texas’ westernmost city that is played for political points by some. The portrayal is one of a city beset by violence, crime and despair because of it’s proximity to the Mexican border.

This portrayal is what is known as “a false narrative” or, before the term was co-opted by a certain Cheeto-dust colored political opportunist, as “fake news”.

Year after year El Paso is at or near the top of the list of Safest Large Cities in the U.S. It shows no signs of slipping from those lofty positions.

The rankings in question are based on early crime data from police departments around the country. Specifically, it has to do with America’s 50 largest cities and the incidences of murder per 100,000 residents. The latest numbers show that El Paso had just 2.8 murders per 100,000 for 2017. That puts EP second to only Sand Diego with a rate of 2.2 murders per 100,000.

So why does El Paso have a reputation as a dangerous place? Well, Mexico has had a major issue with violent crime for the past decade. Ciudad Juarez, which I can hit a golf ball into from the road I take into work, has a reputation as a particularly dangerous part of Mexico. So how does that not bleed over into El Paso Texas?

Law enforcement certainly plays some role. But, more importantly, the crime rate among immigrants is lower than the average for citizens, not only in Texas but across the U.S. Study after study after study show that immigrants, both legally and illegally in the country are LESS likely to commit crime that native born residents.

If your mind is blown by these consistent and repeated findings that just go to show how convincing a false narrative can be. Another false narrative that’s being pedaled about is that crime in America is skyrocketing. It’s not. The same police data shows that the national murder toll continues to hover around all-time historic lows. Here’s one link but that’s the last one. It’s not that there aren’t hundreds more. It’s just that my link-posting finger is plumb tuckered out. You’ll take note, though, that many of the so called “leaders” who want you to believe immigrants commit more crimes are the very same ones who try to sell the false narrative that America is becoming less and less safe. It’s almost like they stand to gain something by keeping people in constant fear.

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