Another great thing about the Lone Star state! In a new report, Austin has been named the best state capitol to live in. There are many perks to living in your state's capitol, even if you have nothing to do with lawmaking. Capitol cities are areas where there is economic growth and a rich history and culture for the state. Even if the city isn't the most famous site in your state, being the capitol can make it a wonderful place to live. To see which state capitols were some of the best, the personal finance website WalletHub looked at 51 key indicators to find out. Some of the things they looked at included: affordability, economic strength, quality of education and health, unemployment rate, millennial newcomers, crime and more.

Looking at these indicators, Austin had the second highest percentage of millennial newcomers. Austin also tied with Boston and Honolulu for the most attractions in the city. The city also had the second lowest premature-death rate. The city is also very well educated, with the fifth highest percentage of adults with a Bachelor's Degree or higher. Austin also has the second highest median household income. Here's how Austin ranked:

Affordability: 7
Economic Well-Being Rank: 3
Quality of Education and Health: 2
Quality of Life: 4

Read more at the WalletHub website.

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