There are few metal musicians as universally beloved as late Metallica bassist Cliff Burton. Having written and performed on Metallica’s heaviest and most timeless material, Burton will be forever known as a metal god, thus, we salute the four-string titan with this Loud List.

We went deep to pull footage that best showcased Burton’s personality. We even found a super old interview with one of Burton’s first bands, Agents of Misfortune. Taken before a high school battle of the bands, this interview shows Burton as just a local musician unaware of the superstardom that awaited him just a few years later.

If there’s one iconic piece of Burton footage, it’s his intro to “For Whom the Bell Tolls” from Day on the Green. The extreme close-up of Burton’s bass while he launches into his signature riff is spellbinding. The distorted and fuzzed out sound really represents Cliff’s attitude on the bass, while his licks around the classic riff just add icing on the thrash cake.

We also found an audio interview with Cliff just days before Metallica’s ill-fated bus crash. When asked why Metallica don’t write about happier themes, Burton responded, “We’re not a bunch of really happy people, you know? There’s no use trying to write about something that you don’t feel; it comes out false. There’s plenty of happy music around.”

Check out these 9 Unforgettable Cliff Burton Moments in the Loud List above.

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