National pizza chain Domino's says they're doing their part to help communities by paying to fix potholes, all in the name of pizza. Domino's recently launched a new program, called "Paving For Pizza," where the pizza company will pay for potholes to be fixed in various cities in the United Sates. The program has already launched in four cities: Athens, Georgia, Bartonville, Texas, Burbank California and Milton, Delaware. In Bartonville, Domino's used 75 tons of asphalt and were able to fix 8 potholes in the city. 3 different roads were repaired in the city during the 8 hours of work.
According to Milton, Delaware's public works director Mark Whitfield, the city had an especially harsh winter, which left the city with more potholes than normal. Thanks to the generosity of Domino's donating $5,000, the city says they were able to fix 40 potholes on 10 different roads. After the pothole was fixed, the city crews stenciled the Domino's logo with the words "Oh yes we did."
So why is Domino's paving the roads? According to the president of Domino's USA Russell Weiner, it's to make sure that cheese and pizza toppings aren't ruined on the ride to your house,
"We don't want to lose any great tasting pizza to a pothole, ruining a wonderful meal."
When a driver goes over a bump or hits a pothole, the quality of the pizza can go down if the pizza is damaged. By fixing potholes, Domino's is hoping to make sure you get the best possible pizza to your door.
Domino's says they want to help out more communities and are currently taking suggestions for other places that need the "Paving For Pizza" campaign. You can visit the Paving for Pizza website in the next 12 weeks and nominate your city. Domino's says they will choose up to 20 various locations that will be given money to carry out the repairs in their community. The company isn't saying how much each place will be given or how much money in total they're willing to cash out. But at the end of the day, Domino's is helping out communities and gets some good publicity, so this is a win-win for everybody.

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