So for a very large group of people the 80s where awesome, myself included but of course looking back there where certainly aspects of the 80s like all decades we would like to forget.

So I thought I would list some of what I thought were some of the true stand outs of the decade and of course some things were silly or absurd and some were just down right dumb but you be the judge

1. 'Baby on Board' Signs - Yes we became very conscious of letting people know there was a baby  on board!

2. Slap Bracelets - Basically a piece of window blind with a nylon sheathing over it, it was the 80s!

3. PSYCHE!! -The word used when you got one over on someone!

4. Not! - Another 80s term that I think you can figure out

5. Neon - It was for more than just signs in the 80s, if it was a piece of clothing you could certainly find it in any neon color you were looking for

6. Hyper-Color Shirts - A lost 80s gem, a shirt that changed color as it got hotter!  I know where is it at today!

7. Boom Boxes - Before your mp3 players we enjoyed the ridiculousness of holding giant cassette players on our shoulders

8. Big Hair with lots of Hairspray - the bigger the better and the hair spray of choice, Aquanet

9. Break Dancing - It was literally everywhere!

10. The Mullet - I really don't think I should have to explain