Can we talk about the light at Andrews Hwy and N Loop 250 W? Right there when you exit the loop if you wanna get on to Andrews Hwy going toward Odessa? You know the light I’m talking about right? It’s the one that turns green for 12 seconds and then stays red for 3 minutes and most the people I get behind seem to be looking down when it turns green because traffic moves about an inch or two every few minutes. What the hell is up with that light? Is it always like that or is it just on the weekdays? I’ve been trying to figure out how these things works but I think it all boils down to the people behind the wheel. For example, it seems like every time I go that was I see someone who decides right in the middle of the overpass, right between that light and the next, which is a very short distance, anyway they decide all the sudden they wanna turn left too and everyone else behind them better have good insurance. The other thing I’m seeing more and more of is big duelys speeding in and out of traffic like they were lil sports cars. I’m not trying to assume their horse power or anything but it seems a little risky to me.

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