Something that should last your lifetime is your wedding band. You want something that is going to be timeless. This is why I went to Johnson Jewelers for our wedding bands. From the minute we stepped into the store, we were taken care of to the highest level of customer service. Even if, according to my fiancee, I did crack a bad joke.

So Johnson Jewelers tag line is "I want to be your jeweler..." Well, dammit, I wanted Randy Johnson (no, not the pitcher) to know I wanted him to be my jeweler. When Randy came out to meet us I made the comment "Hey, I want you to be my jeweler" and shook his hand. He seemed cool with it.

Well, according to my fiancee, that comment made the whole thing awkward. To which I replied "now you know why I don't talk a lot in public."

I have been vindicated however. I found out, from people who work with Randy Johnson frequently, that he's cool with people doing that and it's expected. It means people know of him and his shop. So... boom. I'm not awkward. At least, not necessarily in this case.