An Austin woman tried to prove she could run fast in heels by running across a freeway frontage road. She was then hit by a car. After leaving the bar, there are only a couple places that you should go. Home, or to a late night food stop then home. One Austin woman may have been on her way home, but made a horrible mistake after leaving a bar early Saturday morning. A woman and her sister were leaving a sixth street bar when she wanted to prove to her sister that she could run fast in heels. Before her sister could stop her, the woman took off running across the frontage road of Interstate 35. She was almost across the road before she was hit by an SUV driving on the street and dragged about 15 feet. The driver of the SUV didn't stop after hitting the woman and took off down Seventh street. Emergency services were called and the woman was taken to the hospital for emergency surgery to stop bleeding in her brain. She survived the incident. Police who responded to the incident said about 20 minutes later they were able to locate the maroon Yukon that hit the woman. The driver of the vehicle, 21-year-old Felipe Hernandez, said he realized he hit someone but still drove off. After sitting in his car and crying, he then returned back to the scene of the crime. He is now being charged with failure to stop and render aid.

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