It may not look like it but construction is under way for new Dennis the Menace Park here in Midland. Although, I do wish they wouldn’t have gotten rid of literally EVERYTHING! That park has been there so long and so has the play equipment that made it Dennis the Menace Park. Of course I realize equipment that old needs to be safe for all the childrens and if it’s not it’s time to upgrade. I just hate when something so iconic gets erased from the map. There is something iconic and memorable however, that will be making its way back to the park, and it happened in the most coincidental kind of ways. Oh and by the way in case you didn’t read my blog about Cole Park, which is this same location we’re talking about now, it used to be a Zoo, that’s right Midland used to have a zoo. Ok, moving on. Lloyd La Bombard was doing some cleaning for his in-laws and stumbled upon a blast from the past. He stood the massive thing up and took some pics to post promptly the ole Facebook. Apparently his father-in-law, Manuel Rodelo had bought the iconic “lion fountain” at a city auction 20 years earlier. When the photo started to make it’s rounds on Facebook the city of Midland (who happens to be in the middle of a $2.3 million dollar makeover of Dennis The Menace Park) took notice. Mayor Jerry Morales decided to give the Rodelos a call about the lion and they were happy to donate it! Not only that but Gardner Denver, the energy company La Bombard works for, was kind enough to volunteer to pay for the statue’s refurbishment. According to La Bombard the statue should be finished by the end of this year. The park, which opened in 1959, should also be remodeled around that same time. So be sure to keep checking on the progress of the park because I for one want to be there when they cut that ribbon!

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