One of the first things I wanted to lock up was a photographer and that is for one simple reason. The photos will live on forever, after your wedding day. Yes, every other part is important, but you want to be able to relive the best moments, and you can do that with the right photographer.

My fiancee and I did a lot of research when it came to photographers, and we chose Stephanie C. Perry. You have to really be trusting of someone to take your wedding photos, and we felt almost immediately that Stephanie was the one to go with.

One of the biggest things for us was not only someone who knows how to capture the posed pictures, but also the candid ones. And not having a professional photographer at her wedding, Stephanie knows the regret of not properly documenting the big day with photos. Let's just say it was the ultimate learning experience for her, not only in her personal life, but professionally as well.

You can check out Stephanie HERE AT HER WEBSITE. You can hire her for a wedding, family portraits, and more.

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