Music fans went crazy Sunday night when singer/rapper Post Malone was spotted in El Paso, and it looks like he was enjoying the Sun City. Interstate 10 is a major artery for many tours and musicians, connection cities like Tucson, Phoenix, Dallas, Austin and even Los Angeles. Sometimes you'll hear stories about some of your favorite artists being spotted in El Paso, grabbing some food or drinks at your favorite watering holes. Normally by the time people start finding out where they are, the celebs are whisked off to another location. Which is probably something people prefer, rather than clogging up streets, parking lots and restaurants. Unless your Post Malone.

Post Malone was spotted earlier this evening in El Paso at the Twin Peaks restaurant. He was more than happy to take pictures with fans and talk to anyone, even spotted taking shots with some people! Lots of people who found out he was in town on social media drove down to the restaurant for a chance to get a glimpse of the multi-platinum musician. After awhile, the police had to come and deal with the crowd of adoring fans that swarmed. Malone performed in Austin this weekend and will be in Phoenix performing on Tuesday. There's a good chance he will be either staying in El Paso for the night or making his way to Arizona this evening. While in Austin though, Post Malone showed everyone his love of wrestling when he had the Undertaker come out on stage to smash some guitars and get choke slammed. You can see that sweet video below, as well as some of the lucky fans that were able to grab a photo below.


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