The 4th of July holiday is only 3 weeks away but before you start stocking up on fireworks there are some things you should know. In this area we’re used to bans on all things burning so it shouldn’t come as a shock to you that there is a fireworks ban in our area. Specifically in Ector County, Midland County, Howard County and Reeves County. Don’t freak out just yet though, they didn’t totally scrooge us out of one of a true west Texans favorite holidays. The ban only applies to some specific types of roadside stand pyrotechnics so everyone put your pitch forks down. There is a prohibition on the sale and use of rockets with sticks (so obviously bottle rockets are a no go) and missiles with fins.
You may be feeling like a rebel on this annual celebration of independence but keep in mind that the use or sale of the aforementioned “good stuff” caries with is a class C misdemeanor and the possibility of a ticket and fine up to $500 in Midland County. The ban runs through the 4th of July holiday and through the 10th in Ector and Howard Counties. Be safe and have fun!

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