Internet security is a big, big deal, With the amount of information that's being passed online, you need to keep yourself protected. Stephanie Caruthers is a "white-hat" hacker, and she recently spoke with the Huffington Post with some advice.

First and foremost, what is a "white-hat" hacker? It's someone who is hired to expose flaws and vulnerabilities. Also known as an "ethical hacker."

Some dumb things she's seen people post online:

  • New drivers, DON'T post a picture of your new driver's license.
  • New homeowners, DON'T post a picture of your house key with a geo-tag on the post of your new home. It is just that easy to duplicate a key.
  • Employees, BE AWARE of what's around you if you're taking a selfie. Make sure there aren't any passwords or sensitive material around you that you wouldn't want posted online.

What are some ways to protect yourself online?

  • Don't use the same password for all your websites, and make sure to change your password frequently. Yes, we've all heard it, and almost none of us do. But it's probably the best advice.
  • Lie when you answer a common security question. If it's asking you for your mother's maiden name, put in something like "Nutella", or "Disneyland". Of course, YOU have to remember the answer.
  • Use two-factor authentication. This adds an extra level of security beyond just a password.


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