In case you haven't already guessed...I'm kind of a nerd. In the way that Bald Eagles are kind of American. I love nerd shows, comic books, and yes nerd games like Magic the Gathering. Take this pic for example.


This is my friend Nick and I nerding it the hell up this past weekend. Now we are about an hour and a half into our get together to play MTG aaaaand we haven't even played a single game yet lol. This is just us going through our new cards and figuring out how we can use them to best each other in a battle of wits and luck of the draw. My question is, what are the best hangouts to play games like this? In Odessa they're lucky because they have Patriot Games and they have a great facility to play, and a ton of weekly tournaments to do so. Here in Midland, we have Astral Castle but I really don't know their schedule. Are there any other places like this I don't know about in the Basin?

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