This post could either start a huge argument or go completely unnoticed, I'm prepared for either. So, having binged through almost every show that Doc and I normally watch and feeling like I needed something new to have on in the background while I drink whiskey and paint my nails, I needed to find something the both of us could get into. A few weeks ago we ended up in an argument about the fact that I think anime is generally extra cheesy and there could never be one I would like other than my beloved Attack on Titan. Doc kept saying that he knew of one I would like if I would give it at least 2 or 3 episodes and to his surprise I agreed (I was on my second drink so I was pretty agreeable at that point). He chose Inuyasha and we've been watching it almost every night since. Is it better than Attack on Titan? No, but it had managed to suck me in despite the absolutely awful and over dramatic dialogue. Then this last Sunday on the night of epic nerddom, we got to talking about what animes someone whose never watched animes should watch. I've found a list and added a couple of suggestions but I'm no expert so feel free to correct or add to the list.

Attack on Titan-this was the one that popped my anime cherry so it has to be on the list

Cowboy Bebop

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Fullmetal  Alchemist: Brotherhood


Samurai Champloo

Black Lagoon

Tokyo Ghoul


Death Note


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