Short Answer...No.

I really don't believe it is easier to be a famous comedian/movie star/rock star. A lot of people would love to be famous. A lot more would love a job doing something they've always loved doing in their spare time. Pretty much everyone would like to do something for a living that they would already do for free....That's exactly why it's so hard to actually do it, and why so many people don't.

Am I a celebrity? Absolutely not. Do I do something for a living that a lot of people would do for free? I think so. At least they think they would. The difference between someone who dreams about doing something they love and someone who makes a living at it, is nothing more than work. How much work, humiliation, and sacrifice are you willing to put in before you say, "Screw this" and go get a regular job? Not all, but most celebrities have put up with WAY more than most people would, to get where they are. That's why they're there and most people aren't. If it were anywhere close to as easy as it looks or seems, there'd be a lot more people not working regular jobs. I can't speak for everyone, but I do know how much I gave up to get to where I can make a living in radio...and that's just on a local level. I can't even imagine how much time, dedication,and humiliation it takes to get world wide famous. First, you have to love doing something, then you have to get so good at it that you get noticed, then you have to be humble enough to know you aren't the best and still need to learn if you're going to keep up and get paid to do it. Once you do make a living at it, you have to constantly stay relevant and never go into auto pilot. All the while, no matter how good you are, people who have no idea what it really means, or all the behind the scenes work it takes to be at that level are talking trash and you have to hold your tongue.

The pasture is always greener on the other side. It's one thing to get 15 minutes of fame. It's entirely another to make a life long career. I think that applies to pretty much anyone no matter how they earn their money. If you want to make a true career, you have to prove yourself worthy and capable. Time sifts out all the people just there to pretend.

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