Pictured from left to right by way of thier Facebook name: Rollins Shanahan, Justin Daniel Smith, Doc Brow (bottom thug pose) Nick Jackson, Jonathan Trelane Thomas, (doesn't have a Facebook I suppose or he wants to remain anonymous) Harley Brown, Douglas Hawthorn and Snoop the dog

I have never seen nerdery at this level in the wild before and let me tell ya, it's a sight to be seen. Sunday afternoons are set aside in our household for football and nerd card games. Ok, it's called Magic the Gathering, but you know what I mean. Doc gets the boys together for some intense nerding out and yelling at the TV. They sit at the table meant for poker, play thier card game, watch football and normally I cook or we the shit outta some pizza, or 'Za' as Nick Jackson would call it. I want to stop and make it perfectly clear that I am in no way making fun. Quite the opposite, I'm like green jelly and I don't care who knows it. I love that these boys can get together and have fun doing something that isn't as main stream as other hobbies may be, and I just plain love these boys. They feel like family to me, like I have a ton of brothers and I'm so good with that.

They some real hard core thug nerds yall
They some real hard core thug nerds yall

If any of these boys are reading this please know that I mean it when I say that you're family and I love each one you like a brother...or a creepy but harmless uncle. Hugs!

Nick and Doc started a group and it just grew and grew, this Sunday was the most we've had show up so far and it was great! (Not pictured but still loved and included are David Collins and Coleton Stewart) I'm already shopping for more chairs and a bigger table. Now if I can just get a True Crime group started.....

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