One of the first things I saw on social media today was this story about fans at the world series booing Donald Trump at the world series. The video I saw made it a little unclear. I couldn't quite tell if they were booing or cheering. Then the second one I saw said the crowd was chanting "Lock him up". I suppose that's a possibility, but I didn't originally hear that before it was suggested that's what they were saying. Personally, I believe that things happen. They don't always align with what we want to believe politically.  I also know that people are more likely to share things that seem to prove what they and to believe and ignore what they don't want to believe. The first one is a video that says they were booing.

News West 9 has another video that would suggest otherwise. I have no opinion either way. It's just interesting to see further proof that people share and believe what they want on social media. A study I recently saw, says that 99% of news you see on social media is bias or flat out fake. What do you think?

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