Personally, I grew up here. Born and raised right here in Midland/Odessa. It's changed so much since when I was a kid. We used to have most the amenities of a big city but still had the charm of a small town. That has long passed, and I think a lot of us natives are having a hard time accepting that we aren't a small town anymore. This area has over 400,000 people now. One thing I hate is when people talk trash about the Permian Basin. If you hate it so much, then why are you here? Work? Family? It doesn't matter what the answer is. The point is, there is still a reason you're here. This is my home and while I do travel from time to time, I always miss it. I traveled so much as a kid, all I wanted was to stay somewhere and keep my friends.  Finally, by late Jr. High, we ended up right back here after leaving several times.

However, it could always be better. We've seen music venues pop up and all kinds of places to eat, along with parks and businesses. What do you think we should add? What could really make this area transition from small town to big city?

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