A South Texas Man has been arrested after authorities found he stole over a million dollars worth of fajitas from the county.

An employee with a South Texas juvenile justice department has been arrested after stealing over a million dollars worth of fajitas over the course of nine years. The scheme was only uncovered after Gilberto Escaramilla missed a day of work in August and a food truck delivery arrived with 800 pounds of fajitas on it. The problem was, the juvenile department said they didn't serve fajitas. A woman who answered the phone at the juvenile facility was confused and informed her supervisor after the driver said he had been dropping off fajitas for the past nine years to the facility. It was only then that workers realized what Escaramilla had been doing and his money-making scheme was foiled.

Authorities searched his home and found packages of fajitas in his refrigerator and he was arrested. From there, investigators began looking into vendor invoices and found that Escaramilla would intercept the food deliveries and take the fajitas meals from the trucks, then deliver them to his own customers. The fajitas deliveries dated back nine years and totaled over $1.2 million dollars worth of meat. Escaramilla was charged with felony theft and allegedly admitted to stealing the meat.

No word if the fajitas included sour cream and guacamole.

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