A family in Lubbock, TX  finally has some closure to what's been a horrifyingly long five years of not knowing. 18 year old Zoe Campos went missing in November 2013, her family has never given up hope of one day finding her and bringing her home. Zoe is going to be with her family again but not in the way we had all hoped and prayed for. Skeletal remains were found Friday night in the back yard of 1924 70th St., the house where Carlos Rodriguez lived at the time of Zoe's disappearance. Carlos was questioned on November 25th, 2013, days after Campos went missing. Since then he has been questioned numerous times, his story changing everytime. Finally authorities have been able to gain enough evidence, with the help of a very reliable and proven truthful jailhouse snitch to recover the remains of Zoe Campos and charge the man responsible for her death with murder. You can read the full story here at News West 9.

Carlos Rodriguez