Certain things were victories as a child. Sometimes it wasn't anything all that big, but it felt big. As an adult, those small victories have become defeats. Here are a few such cases.

  • Kid - Sweet, I have enough money to buy a burrito at the gas station!
    • Adult - Ugh, I only have enough money to buy a burrito at the gas station.
  • Kid - They totally said I looked older than I really am.
    • Adult - Crap, I look old
  • Kid - Yay, I lost another tooth
    • Adult - What the f***? How'd that tooth come out?
  • Kid - I woke up with enough time to watch the good cartoons on Saturday!
    • Adult - Why am I up before my alarm on the weekend?
  • Kid - Snow! Snow! No school today!
    • Adult - Snow... time to get the chains out.
  • Kid - Awesome! I gained 10 pounds. I'm huge!
    • Adult - I gained 10 pounds?! I'm huge!
  • Kid - Being an adult must be the best! Choose your own bed time, eat whatever you want, make your owns rules!
    • Adult - Being an adult sucks. I'm never in bed on time, whatever I eat is bad for me, and I'm tired of making decisions.

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