On this week's episode of The After Buzz, we're really focused on one topic. Are you an ass or crotch person when you have to get to your seat at a concert or sporting event?

I'm joined by Buzz and Nico this week to really get into this topic. The conclusion? There really isn't one. It, quite frankly, comes down to personal preference. You'll notice at the beginning of the episode, Buzz does both ass and crotch while making his way in.

We also continue the conversation about the best movie opening scenes. I really think Saving Private Ryan is the gold standard, but there are certainly some other really good ones out there.

This is the last After Buzz that'll be in the green room for a couple weeks. I'm going to be off after this week until the beginning of December. However, I will try to do episodes of The After Buzz from where ever I may be.

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